It takes a village…

If Lightopia CIC were a child, then its founding directors, Neina, Martyn and Umbereen are its parents, but we couldn’t bring our vision to life without the support of a lot of very special and generous people. 

We’re just getting started

Our expert advisory panel and a collective of industry professionals are all working together to help you live your light ideal or support others to do so.

We work across the arena – from the individual to the environments we spend time in, to the professions that influence these – to educate, inspire, connect and signpost. Lightopia CIC is a hub for light nutrition and we offer free information and will be developing a range of products and services. 

As a social enterprise, we will reinvest the majority of our profit from selling products and services into our purpose: helping everyone to live their light ideal. If you want to get involved or find out more, please drop us a line.

Umbereen Moir

Welcoming everyone with her trademark sunny smile while mentally spinning plates, Umbereen is best known as a first-class event manager.

Her natural warmth and empathy mean she is also a valued mentor, speaker and manager.

Neina Sheldon

Learning to manage Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) from her early twenties, Neina is a passionate advocate for light nutrition.

She brings a background in marketing and copywriting and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge on light nutrition.

Martyn Wharton

A qualified electrician and technical supervisor, Martyn is a great problem-solver and irrepressible joker with an endless supply of puns.

He is also a skilled photographer and is now turning his hand to video production and editing.